Our Values

5Point Projects is a Queensland based Project Management and Construction business that specialises in the early engagement of a project, to ensure the design and cost planning development is aligned to our clients vision. This enables us to construct a high quality product, that delivers on stakeholder expectation and importantly yield for the project.

Our Vision is to be the contractor of choice for Clients seeking Personal Service, Quality and 'Value Add'. Providing an Environment that will continually Challenge and drive Innovation in to our Service offering. Ultimately, delivering exceptional outcomes through Collaboration and Integrity.

Our value proposition forms the basis of our name ‘5Point’ this was deliberately chosen as we provide 5 defined points of difference to our Clients.

•Collaborative – open and transparent communication with our clients and partners, which foster trusting relationships and mutual benefit.

Leadership – we have experienced employees that have proven experience delivering scalable projects across the key sectors we are pursuing.

Innovative – we seek to challenge status quo and pursue alternate building practices that focus’ on the Investment return for our clients. Notably with proven success for our Clients where engaged in Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) phase.

Integrity – regardless of your role within the project, you are a respected member of the team and you shall be treated as such.

Passionate – we are passionate towards the success of our projects, but more importantly, satisfied Clients.