Damian dove

5Point Projects Director

5Point was founded by Managing Director, Damian Dove, where his Vision was to create a business that listens and partners with our Clients to achieve their goals. We pride ourselves on being a bespoke Project Management and Construction Delivery Service whereby each project is tailored to suit our Client’s needs, rather than Clients having to fit within the operational model of other contractors business’s.

Damian has more than 25 years’ experience in the construction industry and has held Executive Management roles in Tier 1 and Top 200 ASX companies for the last 9 years. Damian has a degree in Construction Management and holds a Queensland ‘Open’ Builders Licence. Damian excels at building productive relationships with all stakeholders and is able to motivate his team to work safely and achieve agreed project milestones for time, budget and quality. Damian leads the 5Point Team, bringing his strong interpersonal skills, coupled with a shrewd understanding of delivering projects to the satisfaction of all parties.



Most company’s today recognise that the true value of their business comes from their people, and how well they perform as a team. The key ingredients in any sustainable successful team are – Alignment, Teamwork, Experience and Culture.

The people at 5Point have chosen to work under the leadership of Damian Dove, as they are aligned to the Vision and Values of the company. Our people have deliberately chosen to work with each other, with the Senior Team having worked together for the last 10years giving us a strong advantage of knowing each other’s strengths and weakness to perform at the highest level as a team.

Through this tenure, it brings together each our collective and extensive experience in the industry, whereby we can use the lessons learned to create a strong resource capability that can deliver exceptional projects for our Clients.

Ultimately, the relationships forged within our Senior Team have really defined our culture, having employees that can openly communicate internally and externally with  integrity and a passion that carries across into our whole operation as we continue our sustainable growth as a ‘Contractor of Choice’ for our Clients.